Kim Kardashian Strange Inventions

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The fans of Kim Kardashian are greeted with yet another one of her strange inventions. They are probably some of the most updated fans in the celebrity industry. This is so because Kim seems to spend most of her day on the social media. She has discovered that sex with her boyfriend, Kanye West, is much more than just romance (see Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape); she has attributed the act to her overall fitness and gives Kanye all of the credit for her results.

Kim Kardashian bikini

Her friends have taken it a bit further and have referred to this special diet as the “sex diet”. She proudly grasps the opportunity, whenever she can, to flaunt her physique to the public. She is very uniquely known for this practice and has been strongly criticized by the public, including by her own fans, who believe that she is a bit too egoistic.

Kim took the time off from her regular reality TV show to continue her public display of curves on a beach in Miami, accompanied by her publicist. She did not leave the cameras behind though; upon arrival, she immediately got on to displaying her bikini body. Her postures and stretches may have been a bit deliberate to prove her point.

Her boyfriend Kanye is very fond of her present figure and discourages her from doing excessive workout. Her critics are amazed at her strong obsession for fame and believe that it may just be a simple method of compensation for her talent deficit. They are of the view that she falls short of what it really takes to be an actress and that her attention – seeking strategies cannot, in any way, make up for her weakness. With her tarnished reputation and strange behavior, she is no good role model for any fan to follow. Amidst all of the criticism, she still seems to care less, and continues with all of her actions.

Paris Hilton Eager To Gain Musical Success‎

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Buzz Aldrin was scheduled for a phone interview on the Friday, June 8, 2007, edition of Your World with Neil Cavuto on the Fox News cable channel. Originally booked to talk about the latest space shuttle launch, he suddenly found himself being asked about Paris Hilton and had some very interesting things to say. Friday, June 8, 2007, should have been a big news day. A former Preacher’s Wife was sentenced to three years in prison for shooting her husband in the back while he slept. A Tax Protestor couple in New Hampshire discovered what happens when you challenge the authority of people you elect to office: You get state police and an army of federal troops with tanks and federal agents with submachine guns at your door. The space shuttle took off on a mission to support the International Space Station. It was announced that the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was stepping down. East Coast air travel was practically brought to a stand still by a computer glitch.The only sensible answer is that things happened on the Apollo 11 Moon Mission that Neil Armstrong doesn’t want to talk about. It’s likely that he would rather say nothing then lie to people, mislead them or deliver a series of NASA approved responses. It’s impossible to say exactly what happened, but there is a decent body of evidence to indicate that it was anything but a routine flight.

During a time when the media was allowed to monitor most radio transmissions from the mission, odd noises and allegedly unknown languages were heard. Various statements regarding unknown objects and particular incidents were made by all three of the Apollo 11 Astronauts. Some photos taken during the mission appear to show a number of odd lights and strange objects in various positions near the moon.That leaves the door open for all kinds of speculation. Whenever he’s asked a question about something that Neil Armstrong said or did during the Apollo 11 Moon Mission, Buzz Aldrin always says, “You would have to ask Neil about that.” We would love to Buzz, but he ain’t talking! The best we can hope for is a final disclosure from Armstrong while he is alive or some kind of written or recorded statement left behind after he passes on. Now almost seventy-six years old, his last public appearance was at the White House in 2004 for the 35th Anniversary Celebration of the Moon Landing. As usual, he had little to say during that occasion. On a day when all the news cameras were focused on a tearful Paris Hilton being dragged off to jail (again), Buzz Aldrin’s latest statement was the real bombshell.

Paris Hilton eager to gain musical success‎

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Paris Hilton is most renown for her indiscretions, reality shows and hotel heiress status, but shes just as well known for her collection of animal companions. In fact, the hotel heiress supposedly has a whopping seventeen pets, much more than most people have. Although a bunch of these pets live at home and are hidden away, some others are a bit more famous.

In fact, Hilton has memorably been snapped by anxious paparazzi holding them. Many of them are so renown that the photographers who trail Hilton around know what she calls them by heart. Arguably, the greatest instance of this Paris Hilton high profile pet phenomenon is Tinkerbell, just one of seven dogs that Hilton owns. She is a small chihuahua, meaning that the dog will not grow to the average girth of a Chihuahua, which is already teenie breed.Paris is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotels and source of an estimated $300 million family fortune. Paris Hilton is the daughter of one of the sons of Mr. Hilton, a hotel magnate. Conrad Hilton (1887-1979).

Hilton hotels are known for featuring world class accommodations in the countries hottest destinations. The hotels are adding MP3-friendly alarm clocks, allowing guests to awaken to their own music.

They are internationally known for their Hilton Meetings Business Centres. Hilton Hotels are known for a high level of comfort and prestige. The Port of San Diego and Hilton are planning to develop a 1200-room hotel on the waterfront adjacent to the San Diego Convention Center.

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Capri Anderson a.k.a. Alexis Capri

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Capri Anderson, a.k.a. Alexis Capri is one of the most instantly recognisable American pornographic actresses after she has starred a number of movies during her four-year stint in this industry. Alexis Capri was born in New York on March 30th, 1988. She is not huge by any means and it is a fact that is reflected by her height of 5′ 5. She is known for her cute breasts that certainly match her profile and do not look anything awkward. She has done quite a number of films over the years and it is really surprising to know that even at the tender age of 22, she can already boast of films done under the banner of Club Jenna and Vivid Entertainment.

Even though she has a body to envy for every single male, she seems to prefer more of the lesbian kind of movies rather than the straight ones. It is evident from the high number of films that have featured her along with plenty of other female stars. Capri Anderson is also known for her extremely saucy poses wearing nothing but lingerie’s. It is without doubt that these have propelled her to stardom and it is a position that she has been keeping close to her since 2008. He did not certainly take long for her to make her mark in the porn industry with a series of extremely popular films in the space of one year.

Her all natural 36B breasts are extremely fantastic and is probably the first thing that will grab your attention when you take a look at the huge number of photos that you can get about Capri Anderson. Like every other porn star, she also features quite a number of tattoos over her body. The best of her movies are certainly in the lesbian niche.

AJ Bailey the Smart Porn Star with Master Degree

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AJ Bailey was born in St Louis, United States. She is a sexy, slim actress with blue eyes. She was raised in Bible Belt and has to drop out from school in high school. She passed two years in Australia before going back in United States to finish her high school studies. After finishing the high school, she got the degree in Anthropology in the University of Missouri.

She started to act in adult movies in order to pay for her postgraduate studies. Besides appearing in adult movies, she has also featured in different magazines like Penthouse or Strip Las Vegas. After 2 years in movie industry, she was able to sponsor her studies in St Andrews University in Scotland where she also worked in other jobs. When she returned in America she tried to get a job, but she had to go back in film industry after she signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment. She is living in California, Los Angeles.

AJ Bailey said that despite everything she thinks that education is important and it makes her a better person. It gives her discipline and helps her to mature. When asked how she feels about sex scenes, she said that she tries to be normal and thinks herself not to be an actress as everything affects her, from the location, the people around her, to what she puts on.

AJ Bailey said also that she does not care about her sexual life, although she has not disclosed her sexual orientation. She started out acting aged 26 years, which is a relatively high age for the debut of a porn star. She is one of the well-known actresses in the industry having starred in a considerable amount of films. Most of the movies that are released under her casts will often be either solo or lesbian.

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