AJ Bailey the Smart Porn Star with Master Degree

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AJ Bailey was born in St Louis, United States. She is a sexy, slim actress with blue eyes. She was raised in Bible Belt and has to drop out from school in high school. She passed two years in Australia before going back in United States to finish her high school studies. After finishing the high school, she got the degree in Anthropology in the University of Missouri.

She started to act in adult movies in order to pay for her postgraduate studies. Besides appearing in adult movies, she has also featured in different magazines like Penthouse or Strip Las Vegas. After 2 years in movie industry, she was able to sponsor her studies in St Andrews University in Scotland where she also worked in other jobs. When she returned in America she tried to get a job, but she had to go back in film industry after she signed a contract with Vivid Entertainment. She is living in California, Los Angeles.

AJ Bailey said that despite everything she thinks that education is important and it makes her a better person. It gives her discipline and helps her to mature. When asked how she feels about sex scenes, she said that she tries to be normal and thinks herself not to be an actress as everything affects her, from the location, the people around her, to what she puts on.

AJ Bailey said also that she does not care about her sexual life, although she has not disclosed her sexual orientation. She started out acting aged 26 years, which is a relatively high age for the debut of a porn star. She is one of the well-known actresses in the industry having starred in a considerable amount of films. Most of the movies that are released under her casts will often be either solo or lesbian.

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