Kim Kardashian Strange Inventions

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The fans of Kim Kardashian are greeted with yet another one of her strange inventions. They are probably some of the most updated fans in the celebrity industry. This is so because Kim seems to spend most of her day on the social media. She has discovered that sex with her boyfriend, Kanye West, is much more than just romance (see Ray J and Kim Kardashian sex tape); she has attributed the act to her overall fitness and gives Kanye all of the credit for her results.

Kim Kardashian bikini

Her friends have taken it a bit further and have referred to this special diet as the “sex diet”. She proudly grasps the opportunity, whenever she can, to flaunt her physique to the public. She is very uniquely known for this practice and has been strongly criticized by the public, including by her own fans, who believe that she is a bit too egoistic.

Kim took the time off from her regular reality TV show to continue her public display of curves on a beach in Miami, accompanied by her publicist. She did not leave the cameras behind though; upon arrival, she immediately got on to displaying her bikini body. Her postures and stretches may have been a bit deliberate to prove her point.

Her boyfriend Kanye is very fond of her present figure and discourages her from doing excessive workout. Her critics are amazed at her strong obsession for fame and believe that it may just be a simple method of compensation for her talent deficit. They are of the view that she falls short of what it really takes to be an actress and that her attention – seeking strategies cannot, in any way, make up for her weakness. With her tarnished reputation and strange behavior, she is no good role model for any fan to follow. Amidst all of the criticism, she still seems to care less, and continues with all of her actions.

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